"At Studio Nuan my desire is to stand at the intersection
of mindfulness, art & interior.
I value natural, minimal, and calm spaces."

Danijela is a sculpture artist based in Amsterdam. For over a decade she worked in a dynamic environment as a financial manager while being committed to the growth and health of the community in her volunteer roles. Through a season of rediscovering herself, a career pivot presented itself as a plausible option. With a strong inner drive and sharpening her ideas with possibility thinkers, she decided to embark on a creative journey and launch Studio Nuan in January 2023.

Inspired by natural sensations of sand, stone and the water she discovers a space for possibilities, softness, calm and serenity as well as depth and strength. With organic shapes and minimalistic forms she translates these natural forms into meticulously handcrafted artworks that encourage interactions and evoke such emotions.


My artwork is handcrafted with a desire that it is not only a visual sensation but also long-lasting and consumer friendly. Working with plaster (only) can be a delicate process. Therefore, I use mixed media with carefully selected components to ensure longevity and resilience … and make maintenance a breeze.
Every artwork is signed, named & numbered at the back. It also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and simple care instructions. 
Each piece of art I make is unique and one-of-a-kind. Not just because of the process of creation but because each piece has a specific story. 

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